11 Vegan Stereotypes and Misconceptions


A Look at the most common vegan stereotypes and misconceptions.

‘I hate vegans!’

Vegans are often associated with many stereotypes and misconceptions. Some are true, some weird, some ridiculous and some are just funny. Vegans often get a bad rep among society. We’re often seen as awkward, difficult, pushy, preachy and unwashed. I know this because I used to think the same things as a non-vegan for 27 years. I used to hate the idea of vegans. For those vegans that don’t fit the stereotypes, it can be difficult to be taken seriously by people. So, below I have listed out my top 11 vegan stereotypes and misconceptions in a bid to set the record straight.

1. Vegan Men are Physically Weak

Tell that to MMA fighter Nate Diaz or strongman Patrick Baboumian.

Vegans are capable of building muscle and competing athletically with a plant-based diet. Many have reported feeling better now as a vegan than ever before in their career as a meat eater.


MMA Fighter Nate Diaz

2. Protein Deficiency

I have already covered this in detail on my ‘Vegan Protein’ post. This is the short and snappy version.

Vegans can get enough protein through many plant sources. These include peanut butter, beans, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, tofu and many many more.

The real issue with vegan protein is getting a complete protein. Protein that contains all the essential amino acids. Tofu is considered a good meat alternative but the jury is still out on soy in general so we can’t rely on it.

We can solve the problem of complete protein by embracing complementary protein combinations. For example, split pea soup with whole grain bread or beans and whole grain tortillas.

3. Vegans are ‘soft’ and ‘sensitive’

Vegans decide to change what they eat for benefits such as their health, animal welfare and the environment. For this to be seen as ‘weak’ is beyond absurd and is a sad reflection of modern society.

Going vegan takes great mental strength, integrity and conviction.

4. Vegans are ‘Whiny’

Yes, some are.

However, the vast majority of vegans are very peaceful people. People that simply advocate positive change in our relationship with food, animals and the environment.

Vegans believe that you can live a happy and healthy life without damaging your body, harming animals and destroying the planet.

5. Vegans are ‘Extremists’, ‘Militants’ and ‘Terrorists’


Vegan Activist Joey Carbstrong

This is a new stereotype currently being perpetuated by the media. This week, Piers Morgan on the Good Morning Britain TV show labelled vegans ‘terrorists’ whilst interviewing the famous vegan activist Joey Carbstrong.

The fact that vegans are now being put alongside the likes of the Taliban and ISIS simply for advocating the protection of animals shows just how much integrity the media has left.

6. Vegan Food is Boring

One quick search for vegan recipes on Pinterest proves how wrong this stereotype is.

The BOSH cookbook has been the No1 Sunday Times bestseller for 4 weeks now.

Vegan BBQ’s are this summers biggest trend. Every fast food chain and supermarket in the western world is now introducing vegan options.

What’s boring about experiencing a new cuisine?

7. We Can’t Eat Out

At one time this may have been true but it’s all changed. There are vegan options being introduced onto menus every day. Vegetarian options can quickly become vegan options by removing one or two things.

Since launching the meman mevegan blog, men have been reaching out to me. A major concern with a lot of them was being left out of social meals with friends. So, be nice and invite your vegan friends to the restaurant. Even if there is no vegan choice, they will be happy just to spend time with you.

8. All Vegans are Young Hippies or Hipsters


Hippy Vegans

Vegan people are everywhere in all walks of life. It’s easy to believe that most vegans are hipsters or hippies because they are usually the most vocal about it.

I have received many messages in the last few months from people who are doctors, bankers, engineers and even ex-military. Movements such as Black Vegans Rock further disprove this vegan stereotype.

9. Vegans Love to Tell You They are Vegan

Admittedly, some vegans do like to tell people they are vegan. Most avoid it like the plague. It usually leads to very long drawn out conversations and arguments.

You will be amazed though at how many non-vegans bring it up in social situations for you. People like to discuss your veganism on their terms.

10. Vegans are Unhealthy

As long as a vegan eats a varied whole food diet and supplements correctly then they are most likely the healthiest people you will ever meet.

Studies have proven that vegans are healthier than meat eaters and vegetarians. Vegans are at less risk of heart disease, heart attacks, hypertension, inflammation related issues, many cancers and even erectile dysfunction!

11. Vegans Hate the Taste of Meat

Vegans, unless born and raised a vegan, will at some point in their lives enjoyed eating meat like myself. If a news story comes out that vegans are eating anything that slightly resembles the look, texture or taste of meat, such as the very popular impossible burger, they are labelled ‘frauds’.


The Impossible Burger

Some vegans do enjoy the taste of meat. They miss the food they grew up eating. The point is, they do not condone the captivity, cruelty and eventual death of an animal to fulfil that desire.

Anything else?

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