13 Vegan Arguments Answered

I answer 13 vegan arguments against the lifestyle you are likely to face

Why Are You Vegan?

When you go vegan, people will not just want to know why you went vegan but they might also try to tell you why you are wrong.
 I’ve had many situations where people have told me why they think veganism isn’t the way to go. Some are funny, some illogical and some quite unbelievable.

Being Vegan, Not Arrogant

It’s important to note that whilst you may now be a vegan it does not mean you are perfect. Being vegan does not mean you are in any way better than anyone else. Veganism is not the sole key to all the world’s problems.
As a vegan, you should defend your right to live that lifestyle. However, when vegans start to make others feel they are in some way inferior because of their lifestyle choice that’s when vegans get such a bad name. So here are 10 arguments against veganism I am sure you will come across on your journey and here is how to answer them diligently:

1. We are Top of the Food Chain

Are we? If you go up against a lion, tiger or bear who do you think will come out on top? Humans may be intellectually superior to other animals but we are certainly not top of the food chain. With our big brains and ability to understand right from wrong, we should be looking after animals not harming them.

Humans are officially ranked in the middle of the food chain, alongside pigs. food-chain

2. Animals Eat Other Animals, It’s Nature

Of course, vegans accept nature. Death is a part of life. But death naturally occurs through survival, self-defence, disease, accident and old age.

Vegans believe that humans can live healthy and happy lives without consuming animal products. There is nothing natural about the slaughter of 56 billion animals a year to upkeep our unhealthy obsession with food.

3. Humans Have Always Eaten Meat

Yes, maybe. But not to the same extent that we do today. Eating meat for our ancestors was a form of survival. We now live in a world where we buy food in supermarkets. We are not surviving anymore. There are now more people in the world suffering from obesity than malnourishment.

Humans used to do a lot of things including slavery, incest, public hangings and witch hunts. Not everything we do should continue simply because we have always done it.

4. Where Would all the Animals Go?

We are not proposing that the entire world go vegan tomorrow. Simply, because it would never happen.
As people buy fewer animal products, the demand will fall and fewer animals will be bred for slaughter. When we reach the point where we no longer raise animals for food we could care for them in sanctuaries where they can live in peace.

5. The Meat and Dairy I Buy is Organic and from a Local Friendly Farmer

It’s amazing how many people claim this but don’t actually know where their food comes from. The vast majority of meat and dairy consumed in the world comes from a factory farm.

In the United States ‘factory farms raise 99.9 percent of chickens for meat, 97 percent of laying hens, 99 percent of turkeys, 95 percent of pigs, and 78 percent of cattle’

These farms are not friendly, the products are not good quality, the animals are not treated well and the farmers are not friendly.

If you do buy from your local farmer then that probably is better in terms of the quality of the products but the fact remains that the animal still suffers the same fate.

6. People will lose their jobs

We are all led to believe we have a responsibility to ensure people in the food industry continue to be successful no matter what. No other industry is treated this way. Consumer demands change, businesses adapt or they sink. Farmers and the food industry can adapt to producing other products like so many already have.

The idea that we, the people, must always have the food industries best interests at heart is ridiculous. Especially when they continue to deceive consumers with misinformation, bad labelling, undeclared ingredients and general bad practices.

7. The Whole World Won’t Go Vegan

This assumes vegans are seeking some type of perfect world. It’s difficult to get a group of friends to commit to something, nevermind the entire world. Vegans understand it will be a slow and gradual process. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start somewhere.

Racism, sexism, violence, homophobia. They are all world issues that need addressing. It won’t happen overnight but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to reduce them.

8. Vegans Don’t Eat Good Food

This is a huge misconception and one I also believed before going vegan. Vegans eat everything meat-eaters eat but without the animal products. Since going vegan I’ve eaten a far wider variety of foods than I ever did before.

Food replacements are becoming more popular and better quality. The impossible burger is currently taking over the food industry. There are 9 great milk alternatives to choose from and vegan cheese is getting better every week. I’ve also discovered an amazing vegan mayo!

Even without all the replacements, veganism is an up and coming cuisine. It’s inventive and exciting.

9. Vegans Aren’t Healthy

Some vegans are not healthy, this is true. This is a result of not educating themselves on what their body requires to sustain a vegan diet. If you cut out meat and dairy only to replace them with bread, vegan cheese and french fries you will not be healthy.

A well managed vegan diet has been proven to be a very healthy diet and drastically reduces the risk of heart disease, heart attacks, hypertension, inflammation related issues, many cancers and even erectile dysfunction!

10. Soy, Palm and Almonds are Terrible for the Environment

Yes, they are and vegans know this. But remember, meat eaters consume these foods too and far more of it. Vegans make up a tiny minority of the world’s population. These are world issues, not vegan-only issues.
Some Vegans advocate that others try to limit their intake of all three of these products. Ethical consuming does not stop at meat and dairy. Vegans are always trying to promote ethical living in all aspects of their lives.

11. Plants Feel Pain

There is no real evidence to suggest this is true. Some scientists have concluded that some plants understand they are under attack. No evidence suggests they actually feel any pain.

Even if they do feel pain, veganism is still the best option because the majority of plants grown in the world are fed to livestock. The US could feed 800 million people with the grain that livestock eat.

12. I Bet You Kill Mosquitoes

Sometimes, but we first try to repel them. They spread diseases that can make us seriously sick or even kill us. Death in nature often occurs through self-defence. That is a part of life. Vegans don’t claim to be 100% perfect. We no doubt kill other creatures by accident or they are killed through farming processes by accident. This is very different from intentionally funding people to kill animals on our behalf.

If a certain company is found to have bad farming practices behind the scenes, vegans are usually the first to advocate for change or boycott the product completely.

13. I Enjoy the Taste of Meat and Cheese

This is usually the end to every vegan debate you will ever endure. The fact is, the real reason most people don’t want to give up animal products is that they enjoy eating them.

Most vegans enjoy the taste too but we don’t believe this is a good enough reason to allow animals to live a life of suffering, pain and eventual death. Just because something is enjoyable does not make it morally acceptable.

Keep Calm and Vegan On

People don’t respond well to vegans who attack them. Stay calm, talk facts and express your opinion. Don’t ever aim to judge or shame people, just allow the discussion to happen.

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