5 Awesome Vegan Clothing Pieces on Will’s Vegan Shoes Right Now


Vegans are often associated with dreads, baggy hippy pants and open toe sandals but it’s 2019, vegan clothing has evolved and vegans have style nowadays.

New Levels for Vegan Fashion

In just the last year, vegan clothing has moved to new levels. We are far less restricted in what is available to us and these 5 pieces prove it. All these items are of high quality, affordable and prove that you don’t need animals for quality clothes or footwear. You can find all 5 pieces on Will’s Vegan Shoes right now. 


We are in no way affiliated with Will’s Vegan Shoes. We just like them a lot. 

1. Desert Boots — £85

If like us, you really enjoyed wearing Clarks desert boots before going vegan, these are a fine alternative. 



2. Turtleneck Charcoal Grey — £70

Carbon neutral, ethically made and no animal involved. This vegan wool jumper is perfect!



3. Dock Boots— £82

Certified vegan suede, breathable, water resistant with grippy and durable soles. Perfect for walking, hiking or just everyday life. Essentially, vegan Timberlands. 



4. Continental Brogues— £85

These brogues are created with vegan leather made from plants using bio oil. They are beautifully crafted and one of the highest rated products on the website. The perfect smart casual footwear. 



5. Satchel — £122

Beautiful satchel made with vegan leather and luxurious vegan suede lining. 

‘We spent a year creating this classic unisex piece with the aim of creating a beautiful high quality vegan satchel that will last you years and be a pleasure to use’.



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