5 Companies Making Vegan Jerky


Here are 5 awesome companies that are making delicious vegan jerky and how to buy it.

Why Jerky?

Jerky has been eaten for the last 500 years. If you grew up in the US, no doubt you regularly snacked on the meaty stuff. 

Luckily for us, this meaty snack has now been veganized by a number of companies. Here are the top 5 doing it and where to buy it:

Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. 

We love everything about Louisville Vegan Jerky. The packaging, the marketing and obviously the taste! They have some pretty interesting flavours that are sure to fill your jerky appetite. 

Protein: 7g p/28.35g

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Primal Foods


Choose from soy, seitan or mushrooms versions of Primal Foods vegan jerky. A slightly less dry product but packs a punch of protein. 

Protein: 10g p/28g

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Unisoy Jerky 


Soy-based, meat-like texture with great flavour. Unisoy have done a great job with this one. Make sure you try the cracked black pepper version!

Protein: 7g p/28g

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The Herbivorous Butcher


They’re butchers…but friendly. Making some of the finest jerky around and cheese too, The Herbivorous Butcher is a winner all round! 

Protein: 9g p/28g

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Coconut Jerky


That’s right. Jerky made from coconuts. Is there anything coconuts can’t do? This delicious snack from Coconut Jerky is 100% natural, gluten-free an soy free. Make sure you try the chilli lime version!

Protein: 2g p/28g

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One To Watch: NOBLE Jerky


Admittedly, we haven’t tried the product but here at meman mevegan we recognise the commendable journey NOBLE jerky is taking. After 50 years of selling meat the company has decided to transition to plant-based products for moral reasons.

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled. Who else would be most likely to create a great tasting jerky if not an ex-farmer?

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Protein: 7g p/35g

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