5 Lazy Vegan Recipes

We all have these moments. We’re hungry but we can’t be bothered to spend hours in the kitchen and the food we have in the house is limited. What to do?

‘What can we eat?’

If like us at meman mevegan, often you find yourself in a situation where you have no idea what to eat and don’t fancy standing in the kitchen for hours. So, here are 5 lazy vegan recipes that will sort you out in no time.

They are also great simple vegan recipes for beginners so share with anyone you feel needs some inspiration.

Make sure you have your cupboard essentials.

Roasted Veg in a Wrap

Grab any vegetables you can find that are suitable for oven cooking, chop them, throw them into an oven tray and cook. Shove it all in a wrap with a bit of vegan cheese if you have it. Add mayo or chilli sauce. Delicious and so simple.

Vegetable Pizza

Grab a large tortilla wrap. Rub one side with olive oil. Add whatever chopped veggies you can find in the fridge. Roast in the oven. Top with hummus and you have a veggie pizza. Voilà.

Fried Veg & Noodles

Again, grab any vegetables you can find suitable for frying. Chop, throw in the pan and cook. Whack in some noodles with a bit of soy sauce/aminos. Quick, tasty and healthy.


Veggie Rice

Just like the veggie rice find some vegetables suitable for frying. Chop, throw in the pan and cook. Whack in some rice. Job done.


Jacket Potato

Grab a big potato or two, shove it in the oven for 45/60 mins and forget about it. Watch some Netflix or something. When done, pull it out and whack anything you can find on top. Baked beans, avo, mushrooms, leftovers from last nights meal…you get the point. 


What do you do?

I you have some lazy vegan recipes, let us know in the comments below.

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