5 Style Essentials for Vegan Men


Once you get a handle on the change in diet it’s time to reflect on other things in your life that can be moved to a non-animal product. Here are 5 style essentials for vegan men.

Vegan Lifestyle

Sometimes, myself included, we get so caught up in our new vegan diet and food that we forget about the other aspects of our lives that we should ensure are free from animal cruelty too.


Just because you are vegan does not mean you have to start wearing hippy pants, 60’s style shirts and open toe sandals. You can be vegan and still have style.

As you read, you may also think ‘wow, these things cost quite a lot of money Andrew’ and you would be right. However, I am advocating slow and sustainable fashion. Using high-quality material, ethical procedures and fair trade practices. The result is durable items that will outlast any cheap item bought on the high street and you’ve done some good in the world.

The vegan fashion industry is booming right now so here are 5 essential pieces all vegan men should consider:

1. Solid Footwear

Good footwear is important. Whether they are your work shoes or everyday trainers. I’ve always believed that footwear is worth investing in. Buy the right pair, take care of them and they will last you for years.

Currently, there is not a huge selection of vegan footwear out there for men. Fortunately, we have Will’s Vegan Shoes, a company that produces amazing vegan footwear using ‘vegan leather created with bio oil sourced from organic cereal crops grown in Northern Europe.’

As far as a company being ethical and conscious Will’s is way up there, they are certified vegan, certified carbon neutral, PETA approved, cruelty-free and part of the EU ethical clothing movement.

Check out the colour sneakers for everyday footwear and continental brogues for work shoes. There are plenty of other great items available including derby shoes, desert boots, Chelsea boots, loafers and sandals.


Colour Sneakers – £75


Continental Brogues – £85

2. Durable T-Shirts

If you are anything like me you enjoy owning t-shirts that can stand the test of time. In today’s world of false economy shopping from the likes of Primark, companies like Thought are offering quality t-shirts that you will own for years. Made from bamboo or hemp, the t-shirts on offer are made ethically throughout the supply chain and you pay a reasonable price too.

Thought Clothing always aims to be ethical, ‘from the fabrics we use, to how we design and make and deliver our garments. We think about every impact our business has. And it’s with the greater aim of minimising our environmental footprint.’

Check out the classic Kusic Hemp t-shirt range. Nothing fancy, just well made good looking t-shirts.


Hemp T-Shirts – from £29.90

3. A Good Wallet

Personally, I prefer the look of a leather wallet to a fabric one. Being vegan, this is obviously no longer a choice for me and to be honest most faux leather wallets look a bit naff.

Introducing Watson & Wolfe. Much like my blog their company was born out of the realisation that men are being un-represented within the vegan industry.

Watson & Wolfe are on a mission to change this. Based in Surrey, England they ‘are focused on providing a more responsible, environmentally friendly product which avoids the use of animal-based components in the supply and manufacturing process.’

Check out the Billfold Wallet for a wallet that is just as durable, soft and tactile as a genuine leather wallet. Harm free though of course.


Vegan Billfold Wallet by Watson & Wolfe – £55

4. Everyday Jumper

Everybody needs to own an everyday jumper that keeps you warm and looks good. Even better if the jumper is ethically made. Look no further than Knowledge Cotton Apparel. Their clothes are all ethically produced and their website even shows you the impact each item has had on the environment.

Knowledge Cotton Apparel say ‘fashion is not just about looking good. It’s also about doing good, doing what is right and feeling good about it — with respect for people and the environment.’

Check out their Melange Raglan Sweatshirt. Super comfortable, it looks great and is organic. There are also plenty of other great clothing items for vegan men on their website.


Sweat Melange with Raglan – €89.95

5. Timeless Watch

Watches are hit and miss with people. Personally, I like wearing a watch and now I’m vegan, luckily there are cruelty-free and ethical watches out there.

Look no further than Votch watches. Classic, simple, stylish and timeless fashion. Votch ‘create a product that inflicts no harm to animals and as little to the environment as possible’.

There are lots of styles to choose from but I particularly like the black and white face with black strap as seen below.


Votch Watch – £135

What Have I Missed?

This is just the first of many posts I will be producing on vegan men’s fashion and ethical buying.

I did want to add a jacket to the list but I struggled to find any good vegan/ethical options for men that didn’t require re-mortgaging your house.So, if anyone knows of any company that produces quality vegan outerwear please let me know.

If there is a particular brand for vegan men you think I should check out let me know. Drop me a message or comment below.

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