8 Toughest Aspects of Being a Vegan Man

Cry me a f*cking river.

Is being a vegan man ‘tough’? 

I’ve received fifteen messages in just the last week asking what the toughest aspects of being a vegan man are. Instead of responding to them all I thought I would write a quick article. 

First of all, I would like to say that being a vegan man is awesome and all men should get informed and get on board. It will change your life for the better in ways I can’t even express. 

Nevertheless, it ain’t always easy. But that’s not to say it’s difficult either. Some people will read this and think ‘fuck off Andy, you’re just vegan it’s not like you’re really struggling with anything. Get a grip!’ and I agree with them. I’m not going to sit here and bitch and moan about how life is difficult as a vegan man because quite frankly there are people out there with real problems. 

However, for those guys out there considering the transition here’s some advice:

1. Seeking validation

Don’t bother. 

At first, you’re going to be desperate for those who you care about to validate your veganism. Don’t. Nobody gives a fuck if you went vegan or not. Just know you’ve made the decision for yourself and if people accept it or not doesn’t matter. The animals will thank you. 

2. Fitting In

Be prepared for friends and family that may alienate you. That’s not saying this will happen to everyone but it can. Be honest with people. If you’re being left out of events as a result of going vegan then tell them “hey, I still want an invite to the restaurant”. Personally, I will go sit in a steakhouse and just eat fries if it means I can be with my mates.

3. Being Mocked

First, don’t take jokes too seriously. People are bound to have a laugh about your veganism. But, set boundaries. Jokes are one thing but sending photos of their steak to you or waving meat in your face is not cool. In fact, if you have friends that do these things then you might want to think about if they are really your friends at all.

4. Identity Crisis

Your actions are aligning with your core values. This means you may see life a little differently and you may not enjoy the same things as you once did. This could mean friends and family start to think you’ve ‘changed’. It’s not that YOU have changed, your values have. Remember, you’re still the same person and you may have to remind them of that sometimes. 

5. Devaluing

It hurts when those around you don’t respect your choice. It’s important to recognise that this is your ego at play. Remember, veganism isn’t about you or them. It’s about a much greater cause. It’s a social movement that the world is slowly taking notice of.

6. Eating Out

One of the toughest things is trying to create vegan dishes from a menu or finding vegan food at all. You have to accept that sometimes all you can eat is a side salad and fries. Could be worse. Don’t ever stop going out to restaurants with friends and family just because you’re vegan. 

7. “Where do you get your protein?”

Everyone asks and keeps asking. Just keep calm and carry on. In fact, my new favourite response is “grass” and then I lick my lips in joy. 

Or just ask them to Google a guy called Nimai Delgado.

8. Being called ‘soft’ ‘self-righteous’ ‘preachy’ or ‘snowflake’

How does it go? Sticks and stones may break my bones but words…..

Listen, if making a conscientious decision to protect animals and trying to make the world a better place is being a ‘snowflake’ then I’m the biggest ‘snowflake’ out there. Who gives a fuck if your mate Steve gets it or not?