8 Vegan Men Making an Impact

Meet the men who are spreading the vegan message far and wide. 

It seems like veganism isn’t slowing down at all. When I started writing about it a year ago the movement was booming! This year we’ve reached new levels and have the likes of James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger even producing films about the plant-based diet. It’s madness. 

A-listers aside, there are guys out there who are making huge waves within the vegan community by travelling the world and spreading the vegan message far and wide.

1. Earthling Ed

I am personally a huge fan of Earthling Ed (real name Ed Winters). He is an extremely passionate and well-spoken activist. 

His videos and speeches have been viewed over 34 million times across all platforms. He has spoken on TEDx twice. He has created free resources including a 122-page e-book. He also runs his own podcast called The Disclosure. He is the founder of Surge, an animal rights organisation that uses filmmaking and investigative work to spread awareness. He also founded the Official Animal Rights March which grew from 2,500 people to 28,000 people in just two years!

He has an incredible way of discussing veganism with the public which you can see on the video below:

He has also been on TEDx stage to unravel every argument against veganism which was well received by the TED community and vegans alike. 

Ed has been dropping seeds across the globe for years and has been a huge inspiration to so many vegans, including myself. 

You can support Ed here: https://www.patreon.com/earthlinged

“Out of the ashes of violence, hope will rise. Now we as a movement exist in the millions of individuals but together we move as one. And as one, we cannot be stopped. We will not be stopped. And these industries, the ones that exploit others, they feel what we feel. And they fear it.”

Earthling Ed – Animal Rights March 2018

2. Joey Carbstrong

Joey is one of the most passionate vegans out there. He’s constantly out on the streets promoting veganism. His passion can be seen in all his videos across social media and you can see just how effective he is at giving people the vegan point of view. 

He has reached millions of people with his activism. His videos online have racked up millions of views globally, he has appeared on BBC’s Good Morning Britain, his street interviews are simply incredible and he spends a good proportion of his time uplifting other animal rights activists. 

Despite his critics bringing up his troubled past against him, he has stood strong and persisted to be one of the most influential vegan activists out there. 

You can support Joey here: https://www.patreon.com/joeycarbstrong

“When YOU are the oppressor it’s easy to say “morality is subjective”, but put you in the VICTIMS position, then we’ll see how subjective it is….”

Joey Carbstrong

3. James Aspey

Appealing to the ‘Bro’ culture, James has been doing fantastic work in breaking down the stereotypes of vegan men. He reassures men that you can still be one of the guys and be vegan which is something I think is very important to help get men on board. His patience with people is simply inspiring.

He took a vow of silence for an entire year to raise awareness for the voiceless. He once cycled 5000km across Australia to prove vegans can be fit. He got tattooed for 25 hours straight to raise $20,000 for charity. He’s constantly talking at schools, in conferences and out on the street. His online videos have reached millions online and he has appeared on TV shows, radio and podcasts all around the world.

You can support James here: https://www.patreon.com/jamesaspey

“Veganism is not some mundane diet choice. It is the difference between enslavement and freedom, between torture and peace, between life and death”

James Aspey

4. Seb Alex

Seb is all about education. 

He has given talks about animal agriculture and sustainable farming across 20 different universities throughout Europe. He has conducted lessons in schools to children about sustainability and ethics in schools across Germany and Portugal. He is a prominent figure within the AV movement, founded the Barcelona AV and conducts slaughterhouse vigils. His videos have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people on YouTube. 

He has agreed to interviewed by myself next month so watch out for that!

You can support Seb here: https://www.patreon.com/sebalex

“what is so extreme about not wanting to kill innocent animals? What is so extreme in spreading a message of justice and peace? Keep your head up and remember: The Animals need us to talk about them!”

Seb Alex, guest post for Veganuary

5. Rich roll

Ultra-endurance athlete, bestselling author of Finding Ultra, wellness evangelist and plant-based nutrition advocate. Co-author of the vegan cookbook The Plant Power Way written with his wife. At 43 years old he completed the EPIC5 challenge which includes 5 ironman-distance triathlons on 5 islands of Hawaii in under a week! He was a top finisher at the 2008 and 2009 Ultraman World Championships. All this in his 40’s and prior he had never even owned a bike! He was even named as one of the “25 Fittest Men in the World.”!

His Rich Roll Podcast has been downloaded over 60 million times! He interviews the most prominent figures within the vegan and sports community. Vegan guests include James Aspey and Nimai Delgado.

An incredible man and an incredible story. 

You can support Rich here: https://www.patreon.com/richroll

“training—and intended to compete—on an entirely plant-based diet. Impossible, they told me. Vegans are spindly weaklings, incapable of anything more athletic than kicking a Hacky Sack. No proteins in plants, you’ll never make it. I heard it all. But deep down, I knew I could do it.” 

Rich Roll from his bestselling book Finding Ultra

6. Nimai Delgado

Nimai is a vegan professional bodybuilder, mechanical engineer, lifestyle coach, and motivational speaker. He has never eaten meat in his life. He is going to feature in the new Game Changers film created by James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has been featured on the cover of a number of the top fitness magazines including Muscle & Fitness magazine. 

Nimai features in the upcoming film The Game Changers

His Generation V podcast explores the world of more conscious health and fitness lifestyles talking with young vegan athletes, vegan doctors and lifestyle professionals. Guests include Kendrick Farris, Ferdinand Beck, Jon Venus, Patrik Baboumian and Torre Washinton. 

You can check out his work and podcast here: https://veganfitness.com/

“It really puts things into perspective to think of just how much one person can make as far as a difference in what their diet does to the environment, to the world, to the amount of suffering that goes on in the world.”

Nimai Delgado – Interview with Amanda Bucci

7. John Oberg

John was the first person I interviewed as part of my ‘Meet a Vegan’ series on the website. He is a constant source of inspiration and knowledge for his loyal followers. 

He was a prominent figure at the Humane League before leaving to start his own personal journey of activism. His videos on animal rights have been viewed over 1 billion times!

You can support John here: https://www.patreon.com/JohnOberg

“Lack of community is one of the biggest reasons that potential vegans either fail or decide not to do it.”

Interview with memanmevegan

8. Dirty Vegan AKA Matt Pritchard

Matt may not be an activist or travelling the world to speak at Universities about animal welfare but he is the star of the first ever vegan cooking show on BBC One! Which is more than huge! If you think about how many people watch the BBC and will be influenced by his cooking, it’s a very big deal.

Just as important as his cooking is his personality. Coming from his Dirty Sanchez celebrity status he is a shining example of how you can be a tough bloke and vegan at the same time.

I interviewed Matt this month as part of my ‘Meet a Vegan’ series. Full interview here.

“Just do it and stick your two fingers up to the world and to anyone that thinks your an idiot for doing so.”

Interview with meman mevegan

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