Below is a list of vegan books that make life as a vegan that bit easier.

Recipe Books

These top vegan recipe books are essential for you kitchen!

Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook

One of the most popular vegan cookbooks out there. Very simple and fast vegan recipes.


BOSH! Simple Recipes – Amazing Food – All Plants

The BOSH! boys rose to fame last year with two books and multiple appearances on TV. Their recipes will blow your mind!


But I could never go vegan!

Vegan cookbook essential! 125 great simple vegan recipes. No excuse to not eat great vegan food every night of the week.


Dirty Vegan

‘Proper Banging Vegan Food’. Matt Pritchard has gained wild success recently taking the vegan food world by storm. See what all the hype is about in his debut cookbook.


Dirty Vegan

I’m a big fan of no fuss, simple and quick recipes. This book is for all you lazy to busy vegans.


Animal Rights Books

Learn more about the vegan movement and the cause with these thought provoking books.

30 Non-Vegan Excuses and How to Respond (FREE e-book)

This awesome e-book from Earthling Ed helps reaffirm why you are vegan and also is handy when coming against non-vegans in battle.


Eating Animals

A well thought out investigation into the physical, emotional and spiritual consequences of eating meat.


Animal Liberation

“In my mind, it is one the most important books of the last 100 years. It expands our moral horizons beyond our own species and is thereby a major evolution in ethics” (Peter Tatchell Ecologist)


Transition Books

Some awesome books to help you transition to veganism and learn more about nutrition.

How to Go Vegan

Everything you need to go vegan in one simple book from Veganuary


How Not to Die

Essential nutrition reading from Dr Michael Gregor. In the book he discusses the foods to eat to help prevent illness, improve health and live longer.


Becoming Vegan

An essential guide to plant-based eating and living. Insights into animal farming, health benefits of the vegan diet and much more.