Go Vegan in 18 Easy Steps


So you want to go vegan but don’t have a clue how? Here are 18 easy steps to follow.

It’s Easy…

…if you have a plan. Don’t jump head first into veganism. Follow these 18 simple steps instead

Step 1 — Breathe

At first, take it easy. If you feel like you can go vegan overnight then that’s great but for most, it’s a gradual process. Change isn’t easy and going vegan is a big change. So relax.

Changing who you are is difficult but changing the patterns that you engage in is easier. Acknowledging this is where success lies.

Step 2 —Know Why?

It’s important to know this. Why do something if you don’t know why you are doing it? That’s madness.

There are many reasons, the obvious being animal welfare but your healthand the environment are also valid reasons. Knowing why significantly helps you on your transition.

Step 3— Prepare to Fail

Nobody is perfect and changing your behaviour can be difficult. Be prepared to fail or slip up. It’s doesn’t mean you should give up. You’re only human.

Step 4— Start Flexitarian

Flexiwhat? Flexitarian! I know, more labels but it this one makes sense. Simply list out all the animal products in your diet from favourite to least favourite. Immediately remove any that you don’t eat more than twice a week. Then, gradually remove animal products 1-by-1 until your left with nothing.

Step 5— Find Recipes

Simply type in ‘vegan recipes’ and you will find billions of websites offering fantastic recipes. Pinterest is a great start and is one of the first places many people look for vegan recipes.

Step 6— Make a Meal Plan

Now you know what you would like to cook, you can develop a weekly meal plan. Get off to the shops, buy what you need and get cooking. Meal plans can help you keep it cheap too.

Step 7— Get Varied

Vegetables are now the star of the show and lucky for you there are thousands of them to choose from. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Trying new foods and ways of cooking are some of the best parts of going vegan.

Step 8— Know Your Nutrition

Having a basic understanding of what makes your body healthy is key to being healthy. If you know your macro and micros nutrients, everything in between should take care of itself.

You should supplement B12 and Vitamin D3. You could supplement Calcium if you aren’t regularly eating calcium rich foods.

Step 9— Eat Enough Calories

One of the biggest mistakes new vegans make is not eating enough calories. You will often hear people complain about feeling tired or sick. You then find out they are only eating 1200 calories a day even though they used to eat 2500+.

Start tracking your calories using My Fitness Pal or Chronometer.

Step 10— Get Alternative

The recent upsurge in vegans over the last couple of years has resulted in thousands of vegan food alternatives coming to market. You name it: vegan meat, milk, cheese, candy, cakes, pies and of course sausage rolls are all now available.

If you are lucky enough, your local supermarket will stock some of them. If not, you can always find them online.

Step 11— Eat Junk Food

People often associate veganism with obsessive healthy eating. This isn’t true (unless you want to). You can have fun and enjoy many of your favourite junk foods just ‘veganized’. If you are lucky to live in an area with a demand for vegan food then you should be able to find some nearby. All in moderation though.

Step 12— Use Happy Cow

What to do when you fancy a meal out at a restaurant? Make use of the website Happy Cow which can be used to find restaurants in your area that accommodate vegans. It works all over the world!

Step 13— Watch Out for Sneaky Ingredients!

Just because something seems vegan, do not assume it is. There are sneaky ingredients everywhere.

Step 14— It’s Not Just About the Food!

Vegans avoid all products that contain animal parts. This is can be difficult to keep track of but you can make a good effort to avoid these products as much as possible and where is practicable. Products from companies that test on animals are also a big no no!

Step 15—Learn Learn Learn

Always keep learning about your new diet and the reasons why you decided to do it in the first place. Inform yourself on animal agriculture issues, keep up to date with the health benefits and look at research on how it benefits the environment.

Step 16— Ask for Support

You may find the people around you make fun of your decision. This can be tough. Don’t be afraid to call them out and ask them to support you. Knowing your friends and family support your decision makes it that much easier. But accept some resistance, you can’t please everyone.

Step 17 — Join an Online Vegan Community

If you can’t find support in real life, you are sure to find it online. There is plenty of support for newbie vegans out there on the internet. There is an abundance of free information, advice, support and recipes if you look in the right places.

The advantage of being part of an online community is that you get lot’s of information all in one place. It’s also a chance to connect to likeminded people, ask questions and share experiences.

Facebook: Forks Over KnivesVegans UnitedPlant-based Recipes and Transition Support

Twitter: the majority of vegans on Twitter are very supportive, frequently posting their own recipes, sharing thoughts and opinions. Twitter is also a great way to boost your knowledge about how veganism effects animal agriculture, health and the environment.

Reddit: the vegan Reddit group is a great place to interact with other vegans, find advice and recipes. There is also plenty more humour within the vegan Reddit community.

Instagram: Instagram offers you the opportunity to follow lots of vegans on their journey. You will find vegan athletes, nutritionists, doctors, life coaches and more. All sharing their invaluable advice, meal plana, recipes and ideas every day. Here’s a list of some people worth following.

Step 18— Be Strong, Be Vocal

As a new vegan, you are bound to face people that mock you or question your decision. Make sure you understand the reasons why you made the choice and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. Most people mock vegans simply because they don’t understand what it is about. Use this chance to lovingly inform.

Here is a handy guide to ensure you have all the answers you need.

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