Quick and Easy Hummus Without Tahini


Every vegan needs hummus so it’s important you can put it together within 5 minutes. So here is a very quick and easy hummus recipe.

Why Hummus?

It’s a stupid question really. It tastes amazing and is full of protein. But also, hummus includes a healthy dose of iron, folate, phosphorus and B vitamins. We don’t get enough of these micronutrients in a vegan diet so hummus is a great top up.

Why No Tahini?

I use this easy hummus recipe from thewholesomedish simply because it is proof that you don’t need tahini to make good hummus. Tahini is the most expensive ingredient of hummus and is a complete ball ache to make from scratch.

So, if you ever need hummus within 5 minutes this is the recipe to follow. After you have made it once or twice the method sticks in your head and you can then whip this together even quicker.

I personally like to soak chickpeas overnight and use them as I think it has a better taste. However, you can just use the regular 400g cans from the supermarket. Try to buy organic and the best quality possible. Make sure to save the liquid so you can make vegan mayo!

You can find the recipe on thewholesomedish website.

Tip: I sometimes add half a green or red chilli to spice it up.


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