Supplements can be an important part of your vegan diet. They are often demonised by people as being useless and unnecessary. Agreed, some are but some have awesome benefits to your health. I have listed the most useful below.


A B12 supplement is essential as a vegan. Fortified foods are not reliable sources of adequate B12. Here are the best vegan B12 supplements you can buy:


VeganSafe B12

Labdoor Score: 88.1/100

Natures Bounty

Labdoor Score: 85.9/100


Labdoor Score: 84.9/100

Jarrow Formulas

Labdoor Score: Unavailable

Omega-3 EPA/DHA

Check out my full guide to Omega-3 here. If you feel you aren’t getting adequate amounts of Omega-3 ALA in your diet or want peace of mind you could consider an Omega-3 supplement.

Ovega-3 Softgels

Labdoor Score: 94.3 of 100


Check out my full guide to creatine here. If you are highly active, have fitness/strength goals or compete athletically them creatine is a beneficial supplement for you.

Bulk Supplements

One of the highest rated creatine powders on the planet. 99.99% pure micronized creatine monohydrate. Also non-GMO.

Labdoor Score: 92.3/100

Optimum Nutrition Powder

I personally use this powder and highly recommend it. I have felt the difference in energy and muscle build since starting with it 3 months ago.

Labdoor Score: 89.3/100

Raw Barrels’ No Bull

The same quality as above but with a ‘lifetime warranty’ and ‘results or money back’ guarantee. you can’t argue with that!

Labdoor Score: Unavailable