The Best Vegan Mayo in the World!

Vegan Mayo

This week I bring you a vegan mayo that is honestly better than any real mayo I have ever had!

The Best Vegan Mayo in the World!

‘Top 10 Tips for Men Going Vegan’, mayo was the last thing I gave up before going full on vegan. It’s such a versatile condiment that goes with pretty much anything. 

Just because you are vegan does not mean you have to give up mayo! 

In fact, I seriously believe this vegan mayo tastes better than any traditional mayo I’ve ever had. It’s not just me, lots of my non-vegan friends have tried it and they all agree!

This vegan mayo should be in your fridge at all times.

I now don’t understand why mayo needs eggs at all. It seems ridiculous.

The recipe is from Lauren Caris Cooks. I only have one amendment to this recipe and that is to add in 12 chickpeas in step 1 of the recipe. I don’t know why but it improves the texture of the mayo.

WARNING: When pouring in the oil, do it extremely slowly or it will not work!


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