The Only 2 Vegan Aquafaba Recipes You Need In Your Life


Of all the recipes out there using this amazing chickpea juice, here are the only 2 vegan aquafaba recipes you really need in your life.

What is it?

Aquafaba is that weird juice inside a chickpea can that you probably pour straight down the drain. Little did you know, that weird juice has the ability to change your life.

How do you use it?

There are 100’s of ways to use this miracle juice. We’ve tried and tested many of them and have listed the only 2 you really need in your life.

Vegan Mayonaise

This is not an exaggeration: aquafaba mayo is the best vegan mayo you will ever eat! You can hold us to that. This recipes from Minimalist Baker is the best recipe out there!

Chocolate Mousse

This is so easy (2 ingredients) and tastes unbelievably good. We have tried and tested with non-vegans and everyone agrees it is tasty af. This recipe from Lazy Cat Kitchen is the best! You can leave the chilli out.

What else can you make?

There are many more ways to use aquafaba. However, they demand some energy and skill in the kitchen.

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