Vegan Christmas Dinner: What to Eat?


‘Tis the season…

…and for many recently turned vegans it can be the toughest time of the year! So much temptation and in such big quantities!

This year will be my 2nd Vegan Christmas. Last year I spent the holiday with my partners family in Dubai and my parents back in the UK. We cooked a mushroom wellington on both occasions and it impressed both times! 

Deciding on what to cook for vegan Christmas dinner can be a challenge though, especially if you are cooking for non-vegans!

Therefore, I thought I would make it slightly easier for you. I’ve trawled the internet for four tasty recipes that are sure to provide you with an amazing Christmas dinner and blow away any non-vegans you may be entertaining. 

All you need is the willingness to cook. Enjoy!

Mushroom Wellington

As I said at the beginning, I cooked this for Christmas twice last year and both times it was a huge success! The big meaty portobello mushrooms work really well with the pastry. I followed the recipe from the amazing guys over at

If you explore the linked page a bit more you will see they have recipes for the entire Christmas dinner. Maple roasted root vegetables, roasted balsamic brussel sprouts, chestnut cranberry stuffing balls, wholegrain mustard mash and perfectly crisp roast potatoes…what more could you possibly want?

Nut Roast

A classic alternative to the normal turkey but without the harm. Recently, just before I left for Thailand my friends invited myself and my partner to Christmas dinner at their place.

They had prepared a full vegan dinner and asked us to bring some veggies and dessert over. The main dish was a fantastic nut roast, recipe by Tesco of all places!

No ‘Turkey’ Roast

The next option is from Gaz Oakley, owner of the Avant Garde Vegan website. It’s slightly more technical than the previous two options but well worth the effort. Plus it’s Christmas, so what better time to go all out?

Gaz believes that this recipe is ‘powerful enough to help reduce the amount of people having meat on their dinner tables at Christmas’. I have to say I agree!

Vegan Chocolate Mousse

I had to include a dessert and what better than the incredibly simple and tasty chocolate mousse from Lazy Cat Kitchen. This is guaranteed to top off your Christmas dinner to perfection. I’m also yet to meet a single person, vegan or not, who isn’t amazed with this little treat. 


Whatever you decide to cook this Christmas, I wish you all the best and a happy New Year! Feel free to send me any Christmas recipes you will try this year!

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