Vegan Food is Just Food

So why the hesitation to try it?

 “Oh, I could never be vegan. I love food too much”. 

This always makes me laugh because after all, vegan food is just food. Vegan food is often looked at as of it’s not real. As if it’s some type of imposter trying to trick people into eating fake food. 

Most vegan food is just vegetables, fruits and grains. It’s not some alien cuisine. Most likely you already eat lots of ‘vegan foods’ every day. 

People’s perception of ‘Vegan Food’ is that it’s abnormal in some way. The reality is vegan food is in a league of its own. It’s a new cuisine. It would be a shame for people to not try the foods because it’s simply labelled ‘vegan’. 

Cashew cheese, for example, isn’t an imposter of real cheese. It’s a stand-alone product. A great tasting product at that. One that, if you go to the Netherlands, vegans and non-vegans buy without any discussion of whether it’s better than ‘real’ cheese. It’s just a great product. 

“I make vegan cheese in Amsterdam. And no one here calls it faux”
Brad Vanstone – Vegan Cheese Maker

People consider veganism to be restrictive but it’s actually very experimental and exciting. We have burgers made from mushrooms, fried ‘chickn’ made from jackfruit, steak made from seitan, ice-cream made from coconut, bacon made from carrot, hot dogs made from chickpeas and chocolate mousse made from avocado. It’s innovative. 

Plant-based food is probably the least boring cuisine out there right now. It would be a tragedy for people not to try ‘vegan foods’ just because of some ill-conceived idea of what it is.

We need to rid ourselves of this us-versus-them mentality. It’s really not helping anyone. Be open to trying new things. New ways of cooking. New ways of eating. 

Vegan food does not have to be exclusive to vegans. It should be enjoyed by all. I guarantee you that the food will blow your mind if just give it a chance.

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