Vegan Quinoa Stuffed Peppers


This week I bring you a fantastic vegan quinoa stuffed peppers recipe from the awesome guys at Minimalist Baker. This recipe should spice things up in the kitchen. 


How Could I Forget!

Since going vegan I forgot all about stuffed peppers, simply because stuffed peppers for me before going vegan meant sour cream and cheese. Well, now as you may have seen a few weeks back I discovered an amazing recipe for vegan cashew cream cheese.

Then, a few days ago I noticed my girlfriends had put ‘stuffed peppers’ on the weekly meal plan, one quick google and I found this awesome quinoa stuffed peppers recipe from Minimalist Baker.

Not only is this meal delicious but the vegan cream cheese works perfectly with it. The cream cheese is naturally a bit sour because of the lemon juice, therefore you have a sour cream cheese. Perfect! 

Tip: Make it with quinoa only, the veggie stock cooked into the quinoa makes the dish.


How Mine Looked… 

Not as well presented or in the same way but it’s all about the taste anyway! I highly recommend making the vegan cream cheese recipe to go with it. 


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