Vegans Adding Value to The Community – Manfred McKenzie

Many of us talk about how we could make the world a better place but few of us actually walk the walk. In our new series of mini-blog posts, we ask people from the vegan community to briefly talk about the great work they are doing in their community and how they are adding value.

This week’s guest post is from Manfred McKenzie talking about his recent free talks that he has held in his local community.

Free Talks in the Community by Manfred McKenzie

Every interaction with a person presents an opportunity but I’ve learnt that the opportunity is lost unless the interaction is genuine. 

That’s one of the reasons I began offering “Free Health and Wellbeing Talks.” I’ve only done four of these so far, but the results and rewards have been fantastic so far. 

I’ve collaborated with various nutrition experts and other health and wellbeing practitioners and have received encouraging feedback from attendees and organisations. Importantly, these talks that are usually around conducted for 30 minutes over a lunch hour with time for Q&A after, provide me with the opportunity to add value to the wellbeing of others, and I can make some friends in the process.

The talks always include food and each is named according to the topic discussed that day, “Healthier Breakfast” or “Healthy Lunches.” One session involved introducing “The Wheel of Change” and to help illustrate the point, we ordered pizza.

People often cite a lack of time as being a barrier to attending health and wellbeing functions but the food is good, and we all make time to eat. So interesting snacks are always helpful.

My last Health Talk on “Nutritional Supplements” included vegan foods only (and some delicious vegan pizza from Papa John’s) – it was a hit!

I also managed to introduce the topic for another talk, “Going Vegan – could you do it for a week?”. I hope this can be the start of a journey that can help spread awareness of the importance of eating healthy and veganism.

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This was a guest post in our mini-series about people in the vegan community adding value and making a big difference. If you have a similar project you are working on, email us at and we may just share it with our viewers.