Veganuary: 5 Reasons To Try It


Vegans are bloody everywhere, why not take 1 month out of your life to see what all the fuss is about?

New Year

Another year, another bunch of resolutions you probably won’t keep. You want to lose weight, start yoga, read more or stop eating chocolate. So easily said but the reality is humans are terrible at changing their lives. We get so stuck in our ways that we make ‘resolutions’ each year to make ourselves feel better, to feel more positive and we tell ourselves ‘this year, I’m going to really make a change’. But you don’t. 

So this year, why not forget about yourself and make a change for other causes. Veganuary is a commitment to not eat or use any animal products for the whole of January. So, why should you sign up to Veganuary I hear you say..

1. Why the Fuck Not?

What’s stopping you, really? It’s just 30 days of your entire life where you eat foods that don’t contain animals bits. The only thing that may happen is you discover new tasty foods and drop a bit of weight. Not that bad, right?

2. Animals Have Feelings

Animals are social creatures with feelings just like us. They want to be eaten just as much as you and I do.

3. Christmas Belly 

You probably ate a ton of crap food over the holidays and are now carrying a bit of Christmas weight. Turning to a diet which includes lots of vegetables, grains and fruits will probably do you good right now. Unless you don’t give a shit about your weight, then you can stuff your face with all the new vegan junk foods that are now available.

4. A Little Less Pollution

Don’t know if you have heard but the environment has truly gone tits up and animal agriculture is one of the chief reasons. Not eating animal products has a significant positive impact on the planet. This reason is David Attenborough certified

5. Tasty Vegan Food

If you don’t care about the animals and Attenborough hasn’t convinced you then maybe just a month of exploring a different way of eating might sway you? There are tons of vegan recipes online and as mentioned before tons of vegan junk food to get your hands on. You might want to start with Gregg’s new vegan sausage roll (sorry Piers Morgan and anyone that isn’t living in the UK). 

So, how do I get started? 

It’s as simple as clicking this link. Good luck and let me know how you get on. 

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